Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Greatest Songs Ever Written: A Series (Part 2a)

I guess I'm what you might call a "sporadic" blogger. I blog when I want to. Sometimes I'm really in the mood to blog, so I do it more often (such as at the beginning of August). I'm on my own schedule here, and I think no matter how hard I try to be regular at all with this thing, it just won't happen. Not that I'm conceding, or anything... But anyhow, if y'all got love for me, I got love for y'all, so keep reading if you like it.

I'm continuing my series on the Greatest Songs Ever Written. Instead of writing about three songs per part as I'd originally planned, I've decided to deal with one song for this entry. This is in the hope that a) blogging will be easier for me to do, and b) that more people will read it. Hopefully one of those comes true. In addition, the next (at least) three entries of this series feature songs by people who are no longer living.

"The Love You Save" performed by the Jackson 5 (1970)
(written by Berry Gordy, Freddie Perren, Alphonzo Mizell, and Deke Richards)

I'll go ahead and admit that I was really not familiar with Michael Jackson's work until after he died. There was a time in my childhood where I got into the Jackson 5 (I still own this CD - it's fantastic and I strongly recommend it), but I didn't even hear "Thriller" until I was a junior in high school. Having said that, now that I know quite a lot more about him and his work, it makes me very sad every time I think about the fact that music's greatest performer of all time is no longer with us. Michael was weird, and his life was plagued by controversy, it's true. But his passion for performance and entertainment, and his impeccable showmanship has yet to be matched by any artist.

Everyone loves "I Want You Back" and "ABC," and although most would probably recognize "The Love You Save" if they heard it, it's not quite the iconic cut those other two have become. But it's still got the cute and catchy chorus, the incessant pop-soul groove that Berry Gordy and the Corporation made so famous, and, of course, the uncanny charm of the Jackson 5 frontman.

This is a song that will always hold a special place in my heart. I believe my uncle Mike is the one who got me the CD I mentioned above, and "The Love You Save" was one of his favorites. When he introduced me to the Jackson 5 it was one of the first ones I listened to, and I never forgot it. I'm sure that Michael's legacy will overshadow pop music for the rest of time. This song is a great example of his incredible talent. Thank you, Jacksons and the Corporation, for creating this piece of music.

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