Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Kwikpost: Egypt

I thought I'd weigh in briefly on the Egypt conflict. This is a photo I saw on a friend's Facebook a week ago or so. Not sure where it came from, but it appears to be a photo of an anti-Mubarak protester giving a kiss to an Egyptian soldier. It was really uplifting to see the peaceful resistance that was taking place there. Martin Luther King and Gandhi would have been pleased. I was proud of the Egyptian people, and proud of the American government for standing up for democracy. Then, the pro-Mubarak supporters attacked Tahrir Square and the situation became violent. I saw clips of Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin playing up the violence, as if it had been happening the whole time. Palin describes the anti-Mubarak protesters and the Muslim Brotherhood as "radical Islamists." Beck generalizes about the middle east region, saying that there is always pointless violence going on there. I'm sure they're not the only figures that have done this, but it seems like everyone in the media and everyone in America has forgotten about the true motivation behind the protests: peace and democracy. The two ought to go hand in hand. Unfortunately, Americans see "news" on entertainment channels like CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC, that play up to Americans' obsessions with things like conflict and shortcomings of others. As proud as I was for our government supporting the peaceful democratic movement in the beginning, I am equally disappointed in my fellow citizens for forgetting about what was happening before the violence. Next time you think about the Egypt situation, remember this photo, and think about what is really happening. Thank you.

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